SCC Partnerships

Club Partnerships

In the interest of promoting club membership and support of our local community businesses, Starkville Cycling Club has partnered with a number of local businesses for sponsorship support. SCC agrees to support these local businesses whenever possible in return for club member discounts as listed below:

  • 10% off merchandise for members or some equivalent promotion
    • 5% off MSRP of bikes at Boardtown Bikes
    • Does not apply to Firearms and Ammo from Sports Center
  • Bike friendly infrastructure (if feasible)
  • Signage for the club (posters for events or more permanent items if possible)
  • General promotion and support of cycling and the club.

In return SCC will:

  • Encourage members to frequent those businesses
  • Post the business logo/name on our main webpage and a list on Facebook, and in the club’s Google group signature
  • Include the business’s logo on jerseys and other promotional items where appropriate.

Current partners:

  • Boardtown Bikes
  • Derego’s
  • Lost Pizza Co.
  • Nine-Twenty-Nine Coffee
  • Juva Juice
  • Bin 612
  • Sports Center


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