About Us

Starkville Cycling Club is an organization whose mission is to promote cycling in and around Starkville, Mississippi. Our members ride for fitness and fun, and sometimes compete in races. Our membership ranges from seasoned road cyclists and avid mountain bikers to new cyclists and even a few triathletes.

The club annually sponsors the Skool of Hard Nox mountain bike race, which is held in September at Choctaw Lake. Several members either race or volunteer at the event.

We also encourage members to socialize and get involved in local cycling-related issues. On the second Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m., we join Starkville in Motion, Starkville’s cycling and pedestrian advocacy organization, for their social and meeting (see the Announcements page for event details). For up-to-date news on other club activities, check out our Announcements page.

We welcome members of the Starkville and MSU communities, cyclists from neighboring towns, and visiting cyclists to join us on our rides. Check out the ride schedule, and get on the SCC Google Group; at SCC, there is a ride for you!

2015 SCC Officers

President – Landon Voller
Vice President – Shannon Estes
Treasurer – Robert McMillen
Secretary – Zack McClelland
Website – Meg Henderson

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