New Rides: A Message from the SCC President

Hi Everyone, 

Now that the days are getting longer, I hope everyone is getting excited about weekday rides. The club rides will officially begin next week on the 24th, but everyone can of course arrange their own rides this week. 

In order to promote safety and to encourage a positive experience for all riders, we’ve asked several people to serve as ride leaders. The ride leaders will be responsible for leading the group, and will have a predetermined route that they will announce before the ride. The ride leaders will also be there to help with mechanical issues. 

Please treat the ride leaders with respect and follow their directions. They are there as volunteers. If a ride leader cannot make it to a ride, they will find a substitute for the day. Below is the list of rides. We are putting a more detailed description of the rides on the website. 

Monday: Beginner and Recovery Pace: Zack McClelland
Tuesday: Fast Pace: Ross Livingston
Wednesday: Intermediate Pace: Alex and Piper Free
Thursday: Mountain Bike: Ross Livingston and Landon Voller
Thursday: Road-Fast Pace: John Slonaker 
Friday: Off
Saturday: TBD
Sunday: Long distance, endurance pace: John Luthe

One final thing, Meg Henderson is trying to organize a women’s ride. If you are interested, please contact her. 

Thanks everyone,



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